Eight secrets to staying 40 FOREVER

Hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of sildenafilNo matter how old you are according to the calendar, there is absolutely NO reason to feel – or look – any older than 40 unless you choose to.

You read that correctly.

There’s no reason to look or feel older than 40 unless you have decided to throw in the towel.

No, nobody’s recommending that you go out and get a dose of plastic surgery like Sylvester Stallone (Rambo never looked so bad). And no, no one’s suggesting that you go on a voyage to find the Found of Youth and end up like Cortez.

Looking 40 (forever) is a lot easier than that.

In fact, it’s so easy to stay 40 that it’s almost impossible to understand why so many other men aren’t doing it.

But then again, we are men.

Stubborn, set in our ways, and usually dealing with a stoic or fatalistic attitude, the overwhelming majority of us just aren’t willing to change things up a bit to stave off Father Time for as long as humanly possible.

But not you.

If that was you, you wouldn’t have even started to read this quick guide.

You’re looking for the secrets to staying 40 forever, and that’s exactly what we are going to deliver!

Get your hands on some powerful drugs

We may as well get this out of the way right off the bat.

Once you hit 40, everything goes downhill – or at least that’s what we’ve all been told.

Thankfully, nothing could be further from the truth.

Sure, your body is going to start doing some pretty crazy things. Hormonal production is going to be all over the place, you’re going to start paying some pretty serious penalties for a lot of fast living in your younger years, and that four or five burgers and a six pack or two a week diet is definitely going to catch up to you.

But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be able to tap into the miracle of modern science and take advantage of some pretty potent drugs to roll back the clock on Father Time so that you can look – and maybe more importantly FEEL – a whole lot younger!

If there have been some major breakthroughs in the world of medicine (especially when it comes to conditions like erectile dysfunction, heart disease, cardiovascular issues, low testosterone production, etc.), and you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to take advantage of these amazing solutions.

We’re talking about the miracle blue pill Viagra (or any of the other genuine sildenafil solutions out there), but we’re also talking about testosterone boosting supplements, hormonal balancing agents, and other consumables or injectables that will get you exactly where you need to be as a man.

Speak to your doctor about any issues that you’re dealing with so that he can “green light” these solutions for you.

Visit with your doctor at least once a year

Speaking of your doctor, it’s critical that you visit him (or her, as the case may be) at least once a year every single year after you hit 40.

You are going to want to go in for regular checkups to make sure that everything is still working exactly the way it should, but you’re also going to want to make sure that they are aware of any changes that you’ve noticed along the way.

They’ll be able to tell you whether or not you are dealing with a bit of “stage fright” or performance anxiety or an onset of impotence and erectile dysfunction, as well as give you the necessary solution for those kinds of problems.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Don’t be foolish with your health after you’ve blown out 40 candles.

You had better be eating right every single day

If you aren’t wild about the idea of visiting with your doctor every single year, then you had better make sure that you are eating right – and I don’t mean the Standard American Diet flush with carbohydrates and preservatives, and lean on just about everything else.

Instead, you should be doing the bulk of your grocery shopping on the outside perimeter of your local grocery store. This is where the fresh produce, meat and poultry, milk and dairy, and other “real foods” like to hide out, as opposed to that overly stuffed with chemicals and preservatives junk is hiding in the middle.

An apple a day may not really be able to keep the doctor away, but a healthy diet and active lifestyle definitely can!

Sex ComedyLift something heavy as often as you can

You aren’t only going to want to make sure that you’re staying healthy and fit for your time out at that the, but also for your time between the sheets.

Lack of physical exercise can lead to conditions like erectile dysfunction, which in turn lead to you having to take out a prescription for that little blue pill Viagra (also called sildenafil and available as a generic in the UK).

But who wants to have to “pop a pill” every time the mood strikes?

Actually, some ED meds last longer than Viagra, including the celebrated ‘weekend-pill’  Cialis.

We found a great page here where you can actually compare these medications and also check for the best  prices.  Of course, it’s a no-brainer that generic viagra is the cheapest viagra although it’s important to note that it is not legally available in the US.  But guys in the UK can get it from a licensed online pharmacy legally and the price is less than 10% of the pricey legal alternative from Pfizer.

So by finding reputable online pharmacy and focusing on getting in a bit of exercise each and every day (30 minutes or so should do the trick) – especially when you’re lifting heavy weights – you’ll be able to roll back the clock dramatically, all while looking and feeling younger than you are.

We’re talking decades younger.

Lift heavy and you won’t regret it.

Get a dog

Interestingly enough, dogs may not just be man’s best friend – they may also be one of the best lifesavers out there.

A couple of studies across the world (including at prestigious institutes in Germany as well as the United States) have shown conclusive evidence that link better health and longevity with people who own at least one dog.

Sure, it might be a bit of extra responsibility that you weren’t quite ready to take on in your twilight years, but you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to save a dog’s life from the shelter if you knew that they were going to help you save your own life as well.

Get a dog and watch your life change completely.

Never stop dating

Whether or not you come home to an empty nest or the “old ball and chain” every day after work makes absolutely no difference – you need to keep dating for the rest of your days or you’re going to lose that spark.

No, we aren’t recommending that you start to take up a mistress here, but instead recommending you do absolutely everything you can to keep things fun and flirty with your significant other – no matter how long you’ve been together.

Couples that continue to “date” throughout their lives have proven time and time again to have happier and healthier lives, and men who continue to date well into their later years have proven to avoid problems like erectile dysfunction, having to take Viagra or sildenafil products, as well as a whole host of mental issues like depression just by undergoing these kinds of activities.

Always, always date.

That’s the secret to staying 40 forever!


Six surprising everyday things that are killing your sex life

ImpotenceBelieve it or not, there are tons and tons of things that are literally killing your ability to have as much sex as you want each and every single day – and most of them you are coming in contact with (or struggling with) without even knowing it!

You see, though of erectile dysfunction is a very real and serious medical condition – affecting anywhere between 40% and 70% of all men over the age of 40 – there are a number of other issues that may be causing you to go in little bit limp when the pressure is on.

Instead of reaching immediately for still sildenafil based products like Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis, you might instead try to remove some of these problems from your day to day routine and watch as your results in the bedroom skyrocket dramatically.

Ready to discover six of the most surprising everyday things that are absolutely killing your sex life?

Let’s jump right in!

Every single receipt you’re coming in contact with

Literally every single time you buy something these days you’re going to get a receipt.

And while that’s fantastic news, in case you ever need to reconcile your taxes or return the gift that you received from Aunt Gladys, the truth of the matter is the ink the receipt (and the thermal paper itself) is absolutely overloaded with BPA’s.

BPA’s are chemical compounds that increase the production of estrogen in the human body, and when you overload with estrogen you’re going to decrease the strength and power of your erections.

It’s not a happy place to be.

Overloading on the sweets

You’d be hard-pressed to find even just a single person that doesn’t have a bit of a sweet tooth – especially when dining out or stressed out.

However, according to research published by the American Medical Journal, even just a bit of sugar can dramatically increase your blood glucose levels – which pushes a flood of insulin into your bloodstream, killing off testosterone.

Keep your sugar intake to a minimum.

Enter Sandman

Getting any less than five hours of sleep at night (five solid hours of restful sleep) can shut down your testosterone levels by as much as 10%, especially in guys that are approaching their mid-30s. You don’t need to squeeze in eight solid hours of sleep each and every night, but you’ll definitely want to keep that total above five – or you’ll pay a pretty steep price moving forward.

Who knew that getting enough sleep good work just as well at curing erectile dysfunction as Viagra or other sildenafil based solutions?

Limp KeyBeing TOO close to your baby

This bit of news surprised even us, but information published in a joint study by Notre Dame and Northwestern University came to the conclusion that sleeping overnight in close proximity to your newborn results in a drop of anywhere between 7% and 11% of your testosterone production – a dip in production that you may never be able to rebuild or recover from later down the line.

Obviously, keep your little one close – but you might not want to keep them quite as close as you have been while you sleep.

Beware soy sauce

Even though it’s one of the most delicious condiments on the plan (and an absolute essential when you’re eating Chinese food), you’re going to want to try and stay away from soy if at all possible.

Soy heavy diets (especially those of vegans and vegetarians) dramatically increase estrogen production across the board – in men and women – a sticky situation that you don’t want to find yourself in when you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction problems. Read more on this here Read more on this here.

Don’t become a vampire

Our modern lifestyles pretty much shackle ourselves to the indoors for at least eight hours every single day, but a lot of us are spending even more time away from the sun than that.

This results in our vitamin D levels decreasing dramatically, which can in turn contribute to a 20% or higher reduction in our testosterone. This research was published by two independent groups (one in Germany and another in Austria), which also discovered that the problem can be remedied appropriately with just 15 minutes of sunlight around noon on your arms and legs.

Final thoughts

So while you may have been led to believe that you need Viagra or other sildenafil based prescription drugs to eliminate your erectile dysfunction issue, you may just need to tackle all of the issues outlined above.

If you pay close attention to the information described in this quick guide, and make the necessary steps to solve those issues, you may never have to worry about erectile dysfunction ever again!

It sure beats dealing with the side effects that sildenafil based solutions like  bring to the table!